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Kaltura is a New York-based software company founded in 2006. Kaltura operates in four major markets: Cloud TV (that is, OTT) for operators and media companies, online video platform (OVP) offered mostly to media companies and brands looking to distribute content or monetize it, Education Video Platform (EdVP) offered to educational institutions who are increasingly relying on video for teaching a


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Former Employee - Senior Director says

"Low salaries, no raises whatsoever. If you want a raise or a promotion you need to resign, and only if they want to keep you, you will get anything you need. Upper management and co-founders can't handle the size of the company, though the CEO is great... the rest don't show any leadership. It feels like all founders are tired and want to sell already. Bringing the OTT to the company basically tanked them and was a huge mistake. Recently they gave so many people VP and SVP titles, was pretty lame since everyone knows it was a cheap thing to do to keep people from running away. Any third person in the company is a VP now lol."


"Limited growth, Inexperienced management, no work life balance, Lots of nepotism."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-flexible schedule drives expectations of being available 24/7 (literally) -constant disrespect from peers and senior management, no communication skills -no customer success (account management has their own quota aside from sales) -little to no process around everything -Most management has zero experience of management -a manager once said to my co-worker "I could go outside and find someone off the street that could do a better job than you" -business decisions are made on impulsion and emotion -Egos -Expenses are limited when traveling"

Former Employee - Director Product Manager says

"there are so many cons don't work here They only care about profit, not making a better product, not customer service completely unorganized. They have at this point given over $100M in funding..not sure where this has gone aside from in the pockets of the founders. LOTS of yelling and insults between colleagues sexual harassment is rampant and accepted"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Micro Management runs their employees. Middle management is under qualified Middle and upper management are more concerned about their ego's and titles than the employee's who work for them. Pay is on the low side compared to industry standard. Internal communication is non existent. Nobody has a clue what's going between other departments. No clear path or guidance. You're basically left on an island to figure it out for yourself."


"1. Salary... 2. Stupid Employees.. 3. Managements... The not really managements... 4. The Product!!!!!!"

Former Employee - Sales says

"Negative organisational culture, a lot nepotism and politics... poor management Lack of collaboration Product quality and service quality are very low No innovation"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"This company is in a total mess. Bad management, the employees are their lowest priority."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Messy, a lot or processes doesn't happen correctly, management is very strict and doesn't like changes in how things work. Absolutely not a place for innovation and passionate developers. No place for promotions and advancement inside the company unless you are close to managers."

Current Employee - Director says

"Will promise you heaven on earth when they want you to join and conveniently forget about it a minute later Confused product line Megalomania at its best Highly political organization - the good leave (Most have left already) the mediocre but political savvy are advanced, some are promoted to VP - what a joke Will collapse within the next 5 years"

Lead Generation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Kaltura experienced a solid run of success since its inception. The marketplace has changed a lot but Kaltura has not positioned themselves to go to the next level which they were hoping would come about two years ago by going public. That never happened and they retreated by shrinking their footprint in the media and entertainment space. A group of hard-working and smart people but unfortunately Kaltura's leadership is fractured and not on a unified mission. Internal challenges plague them from being a bigger fish in a very competitive industry. Cons: Less than friendly atmosphere."

EVP Customer says

"Our integration team was pulled without warning with issues still outstanding. Was told \"we gave you more hours than contracted, we\'re done now\". The problem: there was zero expectation management, so we weren\'t ready. The members of the team were not happy people. Not rude or hard to get along with; just not happy. No joking, no laughing, no sense of humor. I don\'t think they enjoyed their work. I mean, that isn\'t a deal breaker, but it was chilling. Support is appalling (yes, there are various support levels with different fees, but none of them are called \"the appalling level\"). High severity tickets go untouched for weeks. You have to beg to get help. Then they try to sell you a Professional Services Engagement to resolve your issue. You do not typically get to talk to an engineer. You open a ticket and then you get an email asking for complete written documentation of the issue, including a video of the steps to reproduce. Resolution draws out for days and weeks. I must say that some of the support technicians are really quite good, when you can actually talk to them. I have an eye on the exit. "

Disgruntled student says

"This app is horrible and a HUGE waste of time. Lots of glitches. I hope I never have to use it again."